What the Media Has to Say

FivePlus Trax™ is a low cost, cloud based dashboard that retrieves and interprets key accounting information, both current and projected, fully automating the process of distributing this mission critical data to both business owners and stakeholders, creating transparency in monitoring investment performance while improving control over operations.

We help the small business and their stakeholders by keeping mission critical data up to the minute and available to them anywhere anytime. Five Plus brings all of it into a customized desktop dashboard interface that provides at-a-glance information business owners can use to gain better control over their decision-making and operations, while adding no additional reporting burdens.

How can this help stakeholders in crowdfunding?

We believe crowdfunding is the intersection of capital and commerce. Transparency between funded companies and investors is critical to building the credibility needed for the industry to reach its mainstream potential. FivePlus Trax™ does that by automating the collection of mission critical data for both the business owner and their stakeholders, then disseminates that information automatically.

Stay on top of the numbers

We track Key Performance Indicators 24/7 We never sleep!

Alerts and Notifications

We analyze their accounting data for trends and alert both business owners and their stakeholders to problems BEFORE they happen.

Proactive, not reactive

We track the numbers and let owners and stakeholders know if they are heading in the right direction…or the wrong one. Before it happens.

Track growth at a glance

Finally…easy to understand graphs and charts…in Plain English.

Share data

The mission critical information, both positive and negative, should be shared with investors to breed transparency and thus credibility. FivePlus Trax™ does just that by automating reporting to Stakeholders on a real time basis, without any additional burdens on the business owner. Knowledge is power.

FivePlus Trax turns gut instincts into informed decisions.

Successful entrepreneurs have great instincts, but their grasp of the financial picture may not be as finely tuned. FivePlus Trax™ provides real-time access to key financial information and serves it up in easy to understand graphical form. With actionable information at their fingertips, business owners can manage their businesses more proactively.

Automatically retrieves and analyzes data from the business’s financial software (QuickBooks).

  • Key information lives on the desktop and stays top- of-mind.
  • State-of-the-art encryption technology provides the same security as leading financial institutions.
  • User-customized metrics are displayed in the web browser on the desktop, including:

  • Accounts Payable
    Accounts Receivable
    Cash Sales
    Cost of goods sold
    Working Capital

  • Drill down on mission critical information including:

  • How are sales compared to last year?
    Who is the largest payable?
    Who has owed us money the longest?
    How much cash do we have on hand?
    Compare year to year trends